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The Process

Changing your life is a process

The process starts with:

  1. Registering and creating a profile
  2. Completing three online courses
  3. Defining your initial goals
  4. Developing a LifePlan to achieve your goals
  5. Joining the portal community
  6. Using the Member’s Dashboard to manage your LifePlan

Foundation Courses

You need to complete three online foundation courses:

  1. The Foundation of Relationships
  2. The Foundation of Money Management and Wealth Creation
  3. The Basic Foundation of Health and Wellness

Orientation Process

The Orientation process includes goals setting exercises, self-assessment and gap analysis, and the development of a LifePlan to reach your goals.

Goal Setting
The process to determine your initial personal goals and dreams. Focus initially on your top 3-5 goals consisting of at least one in each of these three areas – relationship, money, and health/wellness. You can change and expand your goals anytime and the system will suggest steps to achieve your new goals.

In each of your goals, define your current situation and the gap or changes needed to reach your goals. The system will suggest steps to achieve your goals.

Once your initial goals are defined and the steps required to achieve your goals, then you need to develop a LifePlan consisting of:

  1. A Relationship Plan to meet your relationship objectives
  2. A Money Plan to achieve your Financial Goals
  3. A Health and Wellness Plan to improve your health

You LifePlan must include timeframes, by goal. Without a timeframe, a goal is only a wish.

Relationships Goals
Help you create a Relationship Plan to find and/or develop strong personal relationships.

Financial Goals
Help you create a Money Plan to achieve a positive cashflow and additional income sources.

Health and Wellness Goals
Help you create a Health Plan to improve your health and reach your health goals.

There will be a number of online classes and tools. Later, there will be virtual coaches and mentors to help you achieve your goals

Member Community
The final step is joining our Community of Members. There will also be groups and subgroups on different topics that you can join.

Member Dashboard
Use the Member’s Dashboard to help you manage your plans and reach your goals. Once your initial LifePlan is developed, your Dashboard will be updated to reflect your goals and next steps. The system will suggest possible next steps to help you reach your goals.

Note, this is not a Social Media website but a serious effort to help you change your life and the lives of people around you. Come join us.